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hi….about morning walk..

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In the beginning of new year-2009, I decided to fulfill my long time pending resolution of morning walk….but sorry to say that is still a pending resolution and it may be possible that ,this resolution can inspire many others but me. I think to avoid morning walk has many benefits..like..you have not to neglect your bed any more. Secondly, no disturbance to other people, as you are not going to get up in early morning and not making unwanted gestures to show them,that you are doing some concrete work…thirdly..in our holy scriptures of Ayurveda,,it is mentioned that the complete sleep(here more than complete) can improve your mental capacities!!!..fourthly…one US clinical survey( dont ask me in detail..) says that the late raiser are always smarter than others!!!!!!

                    Is’nt it enough!!!! So say good bye to all “disturbing” resolution and enjoy your wanted one…commercial3


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