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I always think about the meaning of the word.Week-end” and always find myself in the confused/amazed state about the word? is it really a end of week…not at rose_2_m_jae last day of week? Sunday is accepted as a last day of the week in whole world,and that is good one as ,for most of us on that day are not able to see sun rising in the east!!!!! so this is the day just meant for the sun..not for us. For most of us..who are doing their fast and tight jobs…find this only day to take revenge from all days left,on which they are busy to make their pockets heavier. 

                         In Ahmedabad, people are looking made on this day…as you can find all of them looming on restaurants,dhabas,food-courts or laaries with salivating mouths. what a kind of culture change is this? Eating out is not always an admirable practices as you will not find enough hygiene over there. So please make a strong-build habits to make a fresh and better food at your home and have a better health,better wealth positions on this Sunday!!!!


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