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my new friend..

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meet my new over-enthusiastic friend,who can not be ignored anytime….so presenting you master Harmish!!!! He is the little master ,a hyper active hero of my dear friend Himanshu and Mamta…Today He was our most admired guest at home. He is so innocent with strong will power that he can ask for the ice-cream and chocolates from God..with out any second thoughts. But he is also like great Jumping Jack who does not have feet but wings…unable to seat even for a moment excep[t you can lure him to be seated silently for a chocolate piece. I always wondered about the care and understanding of babies till they grow enough to behave in our desired manners. But the almighty is kind enough to give us a new lesson each day so we can learn and test something new each day…by the way..today’s moments are for Harmish…hip hip hurray!!image067image069


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