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Rajkot…Rajkot…wah…uh…I love this city for its finishings…the town plannings..broad and clean roads,sharies(streets with tags) etc..etc..etc..

                                 I have been many time in this wonderful city from the years and can feel the clear difference in attitudes between Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Me and my wife feel that Ahmedabad is big but more of huge on-organised village. People here dont have civic sense, sense of responsibility either. And traffic…pl dont talk little more about it.While in Rajkot, life seems smooth in comparision, more silence,more peace and more of sweetness in talks… as per say.

                        lets have list of some famous place I can recllect for you, from Rajkot…………

  1. Race course garden-circle
  2. kalawad road..swaminarayan temple
  3. karanpara with old age history
  4. canal road
  5. Dhebar road
  6. Dharam cinema
  7. Jagnath plot?
  8. Panchnath plot
  9. Limda chowk and moti tanki chowk
  10. bajarang wadi
  11. Ranchhoddas bapu ashram-sadguru ashram
  12. Jamnagar road
  13. University road
  14. KKV hall
  15. Gondhia /wockhhardt hospital……….

okey…okey…its enough naaa….but you can also find some spiritual; states also in Gondal, Virpur, Junagarh, Chotila……etc…

So love for Rajkot…..and enjoy photo of Akshar mandir-Gondal

Gondal-Akshar mandir

Gondal-Akshar mandir


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