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I have the collection of few DVDs from the legendary Guru dutt. Its include Kagaz ke phool, aar ya paar, Sahib bibi aur Gulam,Chaudahvi ka Chand,12’o’clock,Mr. and Mrs.55 ,few to say. 

                            The legendary and very much talented couple of Guru and Gita Dutt had differences from the beginning and they became un bearable after the entry of Vahida Rehman between them. It is not the hard-fact that Vahida nad Guru were in love but yaa…as happened in most of the time..the desperate heart always look for the …just ray of love from any body..and same thing happened with Guru. 

                                But this love story ended with the deep unforgottable grief..the suicide of depressed Guru on the film set and one of the most admired talent ended without any conclusion.

   My dad and me ,like Guru’s films for their fine crafting,emotions woven into the scripts and actualizations,the silence that is heard from miles and the…moments of ……desperation!!!! 

                  I always wonder,why most of people stay away from the desperated things…but can’t ignore their LOVE fro desperation?

But above the all facts….the name GURU Dutt is written with golden imprints in Indian cinema..whether it a parellel or the commercial one. No body can ignore him


with love from Raj…the rare photo of Guru family…geeta_guruSome thing about Gita Dutt–

Geeta Roy was born in 1930 at Faridpur, East Bengal. Her father was a Zamindaar.When she was just 12, her parents shifted to Bombay. Geeta got her music training from the composer Hanuman Prasad. He trained her in singing and later he launched her in a chorus song in Bhakta Prahlad (1946). She had two lines to sing but that was enough to change her destiny. She sang two lines in two songs of the film: ‘Ab Jani Re Pehchani Re..’ and ‘Suno Suno Vintee Hamari..’. She got few more chances to sing in films like Kashmir Ki Kali (1946 – ‘Ye Kisne Meri Hasraton Me Aag..’), Raseeli (1946 – ‘Neha Laga Mukh Mod Gaya..’ and ‘Nainon Ke Pyale Se..’) and Circus King (1946 – ‘Preet Kisi Ko Na Chhode..’).

Geeta was a broken woman, shattered by his death. She now had neither her singing or her husband. Geeta suffered a nervous breakdown. When she recovered she found herself in a financial mess. She did try to resume singing again, cutting discs at Durga Puja and giving stage shows, even doing a Bengali film, Badhu Bharan (1967) as heroine! But her health kept failing as she drank herself to a point of no return. She died of cirrhosis of the liver on July 20, 1972 at the age of 41.

Geeta sung about a thousand Hindi Songs on the compositions of most of the music Directors of her time. Her songs include solos, duets as well as chorus. She sang for about 500 films.

So…it is the life….

Love again for all…


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  1. thnx yar fr sharing great information about great personality of indian cinema.

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