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was in Mumbai…

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JNJ Mulund plant

JNJ Mulund plant

yaaaa..as happen to all professionals in routine excercise, you have to answer all the queries raised from your seniors at specific period of time…and that was same for us. 


                         Johnson and Johnson has its offices in Mumbai.  We were at our office at Mulund plant. It is very beautiful green campus with lots of peace from the heavy traffic of Mumbai main. I think each and every company has their own responsibilities towards the society and the employees working for. It should provide the best of all facilities to ensure the safety, better hygiene,best peace of mind and body,strees free working where they can perform their best and yield the best. I can remember the survey done by one of the most popular biz magazine about the best comany to work for. Few of them are TCS, Infosys,HLL India,Maruti Suzuki, Toyota India etc…JNJ is also one of the best employer world wide.

So, the best organizations creating the best leaders and best products to create the environment best to live and grow…

                                    By the way..We are back in the proud land of Gujarat today by Shatabdi express….its services are better as per the fare but still its need final finishing touch. all chair cars are equipped with small LCD screens to show promotional materials,outdated-TV programs(pre recorded clips of channels) and loosley hanged shelves to put your lunch dishes!!!

But still it is far better than Volvo buses for Ahmedabad-Mumbai route…..so that was the journey…from the fast life of Mumbai to moderate life of Ahmedabad. Meeting Rina,Chinmay,Bhagyesh,Snehal, Niraj,Gyan,Nitin,Pranav,Saurabh,Keyur, Piyush Menon and Niraj Goyal together…was synergistic…so keep on rolling…

Johnson's babies

"3 healthy babies" of JNJ

See some snaps…from Shatabdi-coach, Mumbai central…image0401shatabdi coach LCD panels

ok….love for all..



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