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Elephant on the road…

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yaaa..this may be the “as usual” scenario in your city. I have seen this decorated elephant on the road of Ahmedabad. The Jagannath temple,which is obviously famous in the city has many elephants which are used to pull the chariots of the God,when the almighty moves down to the town to see it!!!! We ,as the proud Hindu have so many rituals,festivals,moments of prey and enjoy that,I think nobody else would have….The use of animals in our festivals are due to some valid reasons as they are the partners of human race since the modern evolution theory started. So be with me in the respect of this Gajraj…see its walking style…


Hathi bhai to Jaada......

Hathi bhai to Jaada......

my wife is yelling from behind…the poem from nursery classes in Gujarati language…

Jado pado hathi…

Sundh ma lave pani…0( the huge,fat elephant..bring water in its trunk)

Pani to gandu…same thi avyo chandu..o(water is impure, chandu is coming from front)

Chandu ne mathe choti…ba banave roti..0( chandu has “choti”on his head, mother makes bread..)

rotli na katka…..chandu kare latka……..( pieces of bread…….chandu is dancing.).0

haaaaaaa….haaaaaaaaaaaa… you are laughing..me too…it’s an english..you can walk english, you can talk english…….it’s world’s most most flexible language..

                 Sorry friends..I dont know the exact translation of it in English…so you can try if you really can..and respond me….




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