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friends..from heart to mind..

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     Again the proverb…friends are for ever…just few minutes back I have a talk with one of my best friend..Vipul patel, Sonalbhabhi from Sydney, Australia. So much to talk and recollect,reorganize the things……when Vipul was in India, we all had the wonderful time togather. We enjoyed all deshi delicacies like Dal-bati to Dhudhpak, Pani puri and so many stuff to say….we also had a long journey to Pavagarh hills and so…so that was a wonderful and ever lasting memories to gether. Actually he taught me to enjoy the life lavishly…otherwise..money and me..oh no!!!!!! 

                                                                Today, he has been settled there but we miss his entire family a lot and every single day we have a talk about that guy…so the conclusion is ….friends are like dreams when they are with you, your heart is full with new hopes,new learnings,new aspirations,new joys but when they move away from you…they become the dream to remember…just remember and a reason to wait…reason to fight with time to have a momentous glimpse with them…..

                                     The second friend is Mr. naresh patel..actually he is more like my big brother to accompany me when he was in India.. It is a perfect example of brain-drain for India. Being an engineer he has worked round the clock with many prestigious companies of India but as he got better opportunity with one of the lead comany in canada..he moved there to serve it…..by leaving his 4 month old son-happy , daughter -Khusi and Bhabhi to live alone at Ahmedabad home and wait for him……this is the life so the memories and so the friends……

                                                                    never keep your self detached with your friends,irrespective of where you are..but keep your heart always attached to them…..because they are your heart..and reasons for soul…..

with love



One thought on “friends..from heart to mind..

  1. Hi Brother I miss u too. When ever I miss U I always visit yr blog and read yr views and experience. Keep in touch and Jay Shree Krishna.

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