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  In last week days, i was at Zalawad- Jamnagar,the prince-ly state of Saurastra and at Gandhidham, Bhuj,the biggest city(geographically) of Kutch and gujarat. The journey to Jamnagar from Ahmedabad was not easy , it was almost 6-6.5 hours straight journey but it was worth ful to bear such a stress. Jamnagar as a city ,is quite clean but un organized and just developing. The name of few areas are Town hall, digvijay plot, Ambar cinema,Sumer club road, Gurudwara, Pancheshwar tower…………………….etc….

                                           After finishing my mission in Jamnagar, I moved directly to Gandhidham, Bhuj….it was a long ,exhausting,tedious journey of almost 7 hours. the roads to Bhuj were in poorest shape to stretch your stress level beyond your capacity to suffer. But once I reached to Bhuj, I was amazed to look at the city…the new Bhuj after a sad ful earth quake..is well managed..well organized with new buildings and new roads……I was satisfied with my journey by looking at the progress of Bhuj and its rise from the scratches that claimed almost more than 80000 lives……

                                        salute to the spirit of Gujarati diaspora, Gujarat government, NGOs, the fellow citizens of the country, the world and the last but most important……the spirit of human being to survive against any odds of the nature, to struggle to rise from the nadir….and to keep itself strong to see the future..the tomorrow never dies……

love and courage…



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