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yesterday night…

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yaaaaaaaaaa….yesterday night was little bit philosophical for us…philosophical? you may think..but it is true….it is little bit about philosophy and more about humor…our neighbour Nikunj and bhoomi was in catch 22 situation as their key was not able to open its paired lock!!!! the same key, same lock, same people to deal with!!!!! then what was the problem? It was a big thing to think..even small baby like Happy was thinking..what ‘s up? 

                                            Ah…Nikunj has tried for long..so did Bhoomi…but after all Bhoomi has tried a novel way to please the Lock……by just hammering softly it with the key on both front and back side of the lock!!!! ( have you ever tried it!!) but lock did not respond the deeds of that lady……we all ..Nayanabhabhi, sangitabhabhi, Paragbhai, me and Rina , even Khusi and meet tried for the same …but that damn..lock…did not respond at all…………..finally our passion ends and I brought hammer from my home and gave it to Nikunj to break the dead lock….but Nikunj, a man with lot of pace and peace…softly show the hammer to Lock and you wont believe me..but its real…with a single soft touch of hammer make that dead lock …unlock!!!!! oh my god! ..we had tried for an hour and it did not happen but due to coercieve force of  hammer made lock to think once on its fate….and it happened…..now we are expecting a gala party from Nikunj and bhoomi…..

                                   So, what is the conclusion of the story? according to me..it may be as follows….the philosophy…

  1. never be in hurry for any dead lock..there is always a second chance to improve
  2. teamwork is always better than a work….a monotonous work…
  3. some time a sort of fear..sense of fear is enough to solve big problems….so like an atom bomb is a detterent for the world to take peace talk..
  4. be optimistic…for everything..
  5. even a paired lock and key can not make thing happen…so be think-ful enough to see anything in 360 degree view…
  6. so finally love to alll…………


What happen to lock? let me try...

What happen to lock? let me try...


what to do? locking problem...I will never lock my home again

what to do? locking problem...I will never lock my home again


One thought on “yesterday night…

  1. Rajeshbhai, I read the lock story of Nikunjbhai home and My conclusion is it will happen when the persons are to busy with work at office and come back after whole day working and specially for Nikunjbhai the month and financial year just ends so I can understand his condition but what happen to Bhabhi? she also can’t? and what’s about all you?
    He brother, I think you all need to take rest….
    and last ” if something is not happen even you tried lot then left that things for few moment & take rest it will help you.”
    Jay Shree Krishna to all of at 3rd floor,
    Naresh Patel

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