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Full moon day….

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..today is the Poornima or in english..full moon day….with the full of everything… joy, enthusiasm, confidence,love……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa!!!! love…..yaaaaaaaa ..it’s a beautiful thing and become more beautiful ever in presence of full moon and the night glowing with the mild radiation from the Luna..aka..moon…

                                      Have you ever tried to put your home’s all light off and just stare at the moon with out a single blink, and most important holding the hand of your beloved very passionately……heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy! that is the real charm..rael magic and the ut most feeling of love..the close-ness of hearts….so for whom you are waiting? Do this right now …..

                                The moon is known as “Shash” in Sanskrit( also “Shashi” most of the times) and Luna in latin…It increases the mental stimulation frequency of the human being as many says and research explains…it also helps herbs to grow completely and many believes that many herbs which grow in Himalayan ranges only survive and grow due to the moon!!!!! 

                                                One word— “Lunatic” is used for insane person and which is based on the hyperstimulation induced by the moon. In our Hindu culture it is the day which is said to be more auspicious for all and all devotees go to temples on this particular day to make their promises in front of god… 

                                     But today’s Poornima is special, as it is also the birthday of Great hanumanji Maharaj, who is believed to be chirnjeev( an eternal) and Kastabhanjan( make evil dead/remove)..that is why in nearby temples of our apartments, special shows and bhajans were arranged throughout the day for Hanumanji Maharaj……

                                       So, say loudly..Bajarang bali ki Jai…Jai jai hanuman ki jai…..

With this enjoy the beautiful photos of “moon” on earth…


a moon with raised hair....

a moon with raised hair....


yes..yes..I am the "moon" don

yes..yes..I am the "moon" don

enjoy yourself with beloved one in this raining moon light…..

love to all…



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