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..life…life…life…really a life teaches us many lessons but just like spoilt pupil we never learn a single lesson out of it!!!! and that is a miracle…!!!! I have seen many people around me doing the same thing, irrespective of their knowledge about the consequences of their action/deeds…it is just like an actor doing a similar movies again and again ,even it resulted into a flop show……take an example of one of my friend who has lots of money stuck into the share market, i had warned him about the investment without proper analysis of the script, but allllllla!!
by the way, our neighbors Nikunj and Bhoomi finally decided to change that “miracle” lock( I had mentioned it in my previous post..Yesterday night..)..so it is the turn of thoughts and actions for more better results to prevent any future problem to arise…..

so take care..do not be spoilt pupil….



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