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Who wins, who dares….

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today I have seen a  beautiful and quite learning video from discovery channel…..it consists of  a heart-stopping fight between a monkey and two tigers…the monkey was so brave that,it just pulled the ear lobe, tail of that tigers and just managed itself to have enough safety on the tree…..rapidly…

                        again,it just got down from the tree and just slapped both of the tigers and rapidly managed to climb on the tree…this happened almost for 10-15 minutes and those poor tigers!!!!!! so sad..were not able to even touch that daring monkey!!!!!!!and finally they went back to their dens empty handed and of course humiliated!!!!!!and the winner was..ha..ha..ha…that daring monkey!!!!!!! which managed to stay and fight the enemy without quitting for an inch…

                                          look at it and think….the history is the sole evidence of victory for whom, who dared to fight and fought till their last breath!!!!!!

                                          Winners never quit..and quitters never ever win!!!!!!!!

do dare….do fight against odds…as life is a war-ground…..

enjoy it…..


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