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..a pot-ty business…

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..an earthen pot carries a big value of respect,when summer starts in India. In whole country,the pot bisuness is too much lucrative, as the margin is ,more than 70%(as told by pot seller in Ahmedabad) in some region. Lets take example of ahmedabad, you will find lots of varieties in  shape,size,texture,material for the pots and also the rates are varied accordingly..ranging from Rs.10 to rs.300 or so…And I have heard about Mumbai and Delhi,that the pot rates reaches upto 500 Rs.!!!!!!!!and yet people are ready to pay for that..it’s amazing..!!!! the reason could be the love for earthen pot,their special earthen fragrance, the cooling,and the shapes .

                                       I have seen many people around me,who dont like to drink a water cool-ed from Refrigerator,and  prefer only pot water.
                                Even in ayurveda, the pot water is said to have many health beneficial qualities and advised to prefer the same…..but  I personally prefer a cold water from fridge,than from earthen pot..my wife usually prefer ,strictly prefer the pot water–so the conflict is un-avoidable….yehhhhh!!! this pot water or war!!!!!!
Today, we have purchased an earthen pot from nearby open-shop after a long session of  testing,bargaining and finally brought it to home….let see what happen next?..?..?
My native is Bhiloda,a small town in District of sabarkantha,gujarat..and we have a village known as Lilchha near by..in which every third person belong to that village is directly or indirectly associated with pot making business!!!!! The pots of Lilchha are so much famous,that they export them into other states of India!!!!!!!..it isn’t a small business?

Rina purchasing an earthen pot...

Rina purchasing an earthen pot...


make your head , rotate to see the  pots..

make your head , rotate to see the pots..

ok…enough pot story….for today…




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