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new look…


..as you can see, I have tried out the new theme for my blog….but the stories,the freshness will remain the same, so the journey will be…

                                        Yesterday, i got short mail from Kartik, in which, he was asking me about my blog URL!!!!! hey…my blog URL is meant for blending in your heart and mind..not for the sake..of fire and forget!!!!!!

ok..just stay with me..in this new look……



3 thoughts on “new look…

  1. This theme is ok but earlier theme is very good, you know when ever we open your blog we can see swaminarayan bhagawan, keep it up and adjust god theme on your blog.

    This is not a blog its your knowledge which you are sharing to world and all of your friends.

    Really its fantastic!!!!!!!

  2. Dear,
    thanks for your comment…yehhhh! you are right that the present theme is good but I personally feel that some thing is missing out here…so definitely, I will try to bring my thakorji back….without him we are nothing!!!!!!

  3. uh dude! I forgot to bookmark it and google doesn’t yield proper result of ‘Raj urfe Rajesh Mistry or Suthar’ 🙂

    Added in my blogroll, you can see it on my blog..

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