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..now a days..the age is known as the election era…an epic in the great democracy of India,which is repeated by every 5 years with old and new faces to woo voters…
To morrow ,Gujarat is going to vote for 26 seats and who will win the game…? the secret is already worth a million bucks..but this will be disclosed after the few days of voting..when EVM machines print the total counts!!!!
So, I request all Gujaratis to go for voting with full heart(..in fact I ‘m myself not going to vote due to some personal problems…)and decide with your intelligent mind and courageous hearts…who will be the winner of the race…Sometimes I think that coalition politics and resultant governments are not the healthy trend..it will kill the aspirations of democracy and the fundamental block of it…coalition between 1-2-3 parties is okey..but more than that could be burden..unstable..fragile government so the fragile future of the country…so vote for single party win..either it is for Congress or for BJP..choose one out of that..if I personally think about my choice, then that would be..BJP obviously!!! the reason is quite clear..the progress, national pride, growth, concrete action plan and action then after, clear thoughts and clear mission..etc..etc..

                       .you may not be agree with my view but after all these are my personal views…why not, congress and BJP come to gather, and form a 2 party coalition government.???? —-  .it will be best option to keep nuisances like Mayawati, laloo,paswan,mulayam,jaya,mamta from being the highest authority of the country…
so, stand up..go for your valuable and decisive vote..to decide your own future..with your own country…




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