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Mangoes..mother’s day…

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..hmmm…I can remember the days when we have lots of option of choosing the deshi mangoes from our own farm or neighbor’s farm..and the way of extracting a juice from the Deshi mangoes by natural/old ways using just hands..oh..so..interesting it was!!!!! and even the seed(read Goti/Gotla in Gujarati) remains was washed with the water and used to make mango curry!!!! the double thin roti,half crushed-boiled moong dal,curry and rice…the menu was itself so tasty that my mother usually got exhausted by making such delicacies in large quantities,every alternate day…………
But,right now, where is the deshi mangoes….they become extinct , I think..so we usually buy Kesar/alphonso mangoes,cut them,crush them in mixture/juicer and get the mango pulp to eat!!!! so missing the natural taste….what will happen in future..I think,it will be worse than this,only…
and today is the mother’s day, but in India we generally used to celebrate it everyday…We rather love our mothers than respect it only…..so celebration is for the life, not for a day in a year to say…so loudly speaking…love you mom…..love you ma…..!!!



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