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horror of BSD error…

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..’am very very very sad with the pathetic condition of my PC…..it is suffering with the most fatal disease but…looking attractive by color..a color of peace..color of depth..a deep blue color…b’coz the error is known as Blue screen of death…which plays the welcoming flute of dumping the physical memory..the drums starts…..to bang..the music of death…..

so, actually what happens….????

I tried to enlist the major points…which are as following….

  • I think, it is the retaliation of computer against the cruel usage pattern of a world’s most dangerous creature..a human being
  • it has a message for user to take a little bit long break from beating the system against its wish
  • It is the million dollar question put by system against the user to find out the exact cause for this situation
  • and you get more and more confused by finding the most “fit” answer for the same..whether it is due to RAM..due to OS..due to HDD..due to drivers…what else?
  • ok.then…some trial and error game— It may be due to XP specialties—in built incompatibility to hard/softwares…as per quoted by my dear friend and computer expert Kartik!!!!
  • I have tried 2-3 different RAM but no cure found…!!!
  • I think it may be due to over heated CPU plot/area and you won’t believe, as I kept my CPU open as shown in photo, it is working fine..!!!!! so computer is truly an intelligent idiot box!!!

bechara..kaam ke boj se mara!!! so become "naked"to protest

bechara..kaam ke boj se mara!!! so become "naked"to protest

so…you can give me a suggestion to put my system back on right track….

love for all..including my system…



One thought on “horror of BSD error…

  1. jai sri swamianrayan its divine work of yours please add me or mail me on-rajanpit@gmail.com,its divine work of yours thanks share more experiences.jai sri swaminarayan ,plz pray for us also.

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