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…long break…

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…yaaaaa…you are right!!! ‘was on break from bloggging…I know..I know..i have promised to blog everyday but unfortunately, i could not!!! pardon me..but one good news is I have many things to share with you…but it was followed by the harsh fact…the bad news..I have not enough time to share it with you!!! this is the paradox of life….you can’t predict anything about it but you still plan for eternity!!!!

so back to track… actually i was at Jamnagar due to my official work. You know, Jamanagar is very much famous for its Bandhanis.. a hand made beautifully colored clothings for women with attractive and enchanting patterns..please look at the photos…

the pride of Gujarat- bandhani from Jamnagar

the pride of Gujarat- bandhani from Jamnagar

.. I ahve bought for my family..the rates are reasonable ..starting from 600 to 8000 Rs and more !!! but the rates are proper to match the value it imbibed…

…………..so must go to Jamnagar and must..must buy Bandhanis for your loved ones!!! In jamnagar, i dont like the things…it has nothing to attract tourists..it has just Lakhota Talav( water is evaporated!!), Smashan( or funeral place–nothing to see, the statues are in bad and pitty conditions..dont waste your time for it..)Radia hanuman temple( peaceful place)Bala Hanuman( where from last 30 or more years, uninterrupted Ram-dhun is going on..!!!), Irwin hospital( i haven’t seen), Hospital for color-/photo therapy( I have heard about it but haven’t seen)

so..go for jamnagar and look for something new……

Besides that, last Sunday was quite busy.. I was at the function organized by our mewada suthar society for gujarat…I have chance to see my old hostel mates, friends,relatives etc….but on the whole, the dau was quite boring..but one thing is good in whole day was..my old friend Kartik was at my home with his sweet family..we enjoyed a lot……….

So, this is the life and its flow..you proposes and it disposes sweetly….!!!!

okey ..bye..

with love…



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