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this one photo is very much inspiring…inspiring you to cross the limits of all things which give you pain..but one thing is always there to overcome this pain,the grief, sense of depression..and that is you,yourself, your confidence,your trust on self and almighty, the trust on Karma-principles…..

Remember the fact of life…nobody can make you sad,pity,depressed, looser without your will..In Vachanamrut..Sahjanand swami aka Shri Swaminarayan bhagwan quoted that..the human tendency is always lead him to see the pains,sadness more loud than the happiness or eternal peace of mind….but when you know your inner self and believe in almighty’s will in everything you do..you get yourself free from this vortex..and that human remains happy and steady(“sthith-pragya”) in all weathers…so be happy in all times…don’t feel yourself depressed any time…because you can do your deeds, not more than that..the results/fruits are in hand of  god..

photo seen at Ahmedabad

photo seen at Ahmedabad

….so stay with me in this journey of life…a journey of light…



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