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Reliance greens..

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..’was at the Reliance town ship, Moti Khavadi, Jamnagar in last week…Reliance township,better known as Reliance green is truly Green in all manner……I was really amazed to see the facilities, land scaping,greenery,cleanliness, discipline in staff and residents,security..etc..etc…were so much better, that it really represent the company which is one of the most appreciated and leading organizations of the world.
I sometimes, think that..organizations which are not taking care of their employees in any manner always get bad response in returns and ultimately the image,brand,future,growth of that company get ill-fated..actually dies .so, satisfied and delighted employee can make any organization a proud one.
Today Reliance, Infosys,Tata or any company are most successful and steady against any odds ..just because of their satisfied employees , who are more productive,more efficient and more loyal to be steady for years for same organizations…..low employee turn over is the most important sign of better health of any organizations…….
so, this is the wake up call for who dont treat their employees as a family members and treat them as mere a wage worker..or a slave…..!!!!!



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