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Thank you god….


..uuuuuuuuuuhhhhh..and finally my almighty blessed us and showered us by his boon..the much awaited rain…In Ahmedabad, we got one heavy, little bit long and consistent, shower of rain..and all people got in joy..all crowds made up of kids to senior citizens came out of home and enjoyed it welcomed it with great sense of satisfaction and joy…but AMC got in trouble….its all claims for water drainage got in trouble. Ahmedabad was in puddles!!!no water draining..no traffic management, lights gone off….so everything was in mess!!!!! congrates AMC..for your corrupted and highly in efficient employees……

by the way you enjoy rain..bhajias..dal-wada…



2 thoughts on “Thank you god….

  1. Hi, brother,
    Why u r not going to watch dayro? u dont like or think for tomorrow work? Thanks for putting “we gujarati’on blog”, also for all gujarati’s chapter.
    I am regularly reading yr blog and happy to see all yr gujarati’s chapter…
    ANy new news ?

  2. hi brother,
    I like ડાયરો but now a days it is diverted from its main theme…from a cultural event to “tantra-mantra” musical event!!! Meldi maa and Chehar Maa like..goddesses are in lime light there and in running event, the “bhuva” ( man with black magical power..or black magic-worshiper) start their dis gusting hallucinated act…!!!!!
    I love original “dayaro” not the manipulated one….

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