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..Dasha Maa..Goddess of circumstances!!!!

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…Right now in India, we are eagerly waiting for the month of Shravan…a season of festivals..a season of new beginnings of joy, enthusiasm,wealth,peace etc…and In Gujarat..it is for new vrata/pooja..or prayers!!!
In now a days, In Gujarat, Dashama Vrata is getting overwhelming popularity among folks…Dashama means the goddess of circumstances…all human beings are suffering with different kinds of small and big problems and to get freedom from these all they, usually go to this Goddess..by the way this goddess does not have her presence in antic and vedic scriptures!!!! but walk with folks.especially the backward class of society is going for this….
I personally stay away from it and believe that we should bear the fruits of our deeds..and don’t run away from that. After all this is the god’s will to have a bad or good fruit of your karmas, then why say no? accept it as it is…..thanks…almighty for making me human at least..
second thing….for your smiles….I have seen different albums for Dashama..aired on Doordarshan TV channel..their names are as follows..just smile..(In Gujarati..complete translation is little bit difficult)
1. “Hed radha Dashama ne Dham” ( come Radha for the place of Dashama!!!!)
2. “Dashama ne misscall” !!!( miss call to Dashama)!!!!!!!!
3.Dashama ni dikri Sharda roti Chhani re!!!!!( Dashama’s daughter sharda don’t cry!!!!)

oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! my god!! pardon me for this difficult translations!!!!this list is just a glimpse of what is going on floor of Gujarat, this season…enjoy it..what else!!!! enjoy the photo of Dasha maa..

Dasha maa( riding on camel)

Dasha maa( riding on camel)



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