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Today, we have seen a rowdy-ism from the people of our builder..the Dharmdev builder….with the society people…
the actual scene was..as our builder wanted to hand over the administration of whole society to us by any means without completing the pending tasks..and we were not ready..meanwhile the meeting got hot between both the parties due to shouts and slogans. Our party was also responsible for this entire sad episode as members were not with the similar thought or views on one or more points. One of the member out of us so got exhausted that he tried to down the shutter of the builder’s office to prevent outsider,unwanted person to enter into and cause any problem…but builder’s person understood this act as attack on them..and..ufffff…the action movie started!!!! which fortunately ends with police interference and no meeting results as usual!!!!!what a waste of time,energy and impression of both the parties….!!!! no body had calculated it…but it is there!!!!
if just 25+ people together not able to make any consent on one thing then..it is amazing to see 270+ parliamentarians to come on one conclusion!!!!! oh god..this make me to believe in your existence again and again….!!!!



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