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Krishna janma at home…

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…I always proud to call myself, a Vaishnav, a follower of Swaminarayan sect, a believer of P.P. Pramukh Swami maharaj and BAPS..and that’s why, the Janmashtami is one of the biggest festival for us. Actually P.P. Shastriji Maharaj and P.P. Yogiji Maharaj has given some festivals to all haribhaktas, as days for the fast,even without water in take( Nirjala Upavas). Due to some reason, i am not able to follow  this Nirjala Upavas, but I do Upavas (fast) at least on these days. The fast is meant to make your life, your “indriyas”( senses) in discipline,in positive and lead towards the true way of salvation.

On Janmashtami, me with my parents went to Shahibaug BAPS temple to offer prey,darshan and to attend the “sabha” of Janmashtami. The Sabha was excellent and very much touching to heart. the devotional songs sung by teen-boys of BAPS, the play on Mahabharta, blessings and fact quoted by saints about Krishna were really touching. By all these , the joy of janmashtami increased to manifolds. ” Krishnam vande Jagatgurum” always be enchanting to all livings.

Yesterday, the radha-Krishna group of ahmedabad, presented Krishna Avatar play with songs,live play at our premises(society) but sorry to say that, I did not enjoy the show as the show also included film songs, dances on rock songs, cheap dramas etc……it should not be there to spoil the value of Janmashtami. Krishna is all about love not about lust……………krishna is about dedication and understandings..not about superficial mockeries!!!!

Some snaps—-

"Hanumanji" in Krishna Janmotsav

"Hanumanji" in Krishna Janmotsav

"Ganeshji" waiting for his turn...

"Ganeshji" waiting for his turn...

"Nandbaba" is also enjoying dance with "hanumanji"

"Nandbaba" is also enjoying dance with "hanumanji"

So keep shri Krishna..Thakorji to your heart….




One thought on “Krishna janma at home…

  1. jay swaminarayan

    happy birhtday to shashtriji maharaj

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