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Shri Pramukh swami in Ahmedabad..


People , who know about Shri Swaminarayan sampradaya , also know very much about the role of BAPS, in promoting this “shudhdha Vaishnav” sampradaya around the globe. The Guru ‘parampara” (inheritance) started from Shriji maharaj, followed by P.P. Gunatitanand swami, Pragaji Bhakta, Shatriji maharaj, Yogiji mahraj and now by pujya Pramukh swami Maharaj. According to rule by Shriji Maharaj and Shikshapatri written by him, Pramukh Swami never stays at one place for longer time, but to our better fortune, he is going to stay at Ahmedabad for more than one month.
Like, other, non believers in Swaminarayan Sampradaya, in past,, I always used to think, that, what was there in Pramukh swami, that, thousands of well educated( including scientists from NASA,Microsoft like well research based institutes/organizations, one and only son of the family, entrepreneurs,doctors,engineers like..)boys ,attracted to him and leave their careers,families,money,happy and wealthy life, all earthy things and became/converted to priest/saints? ………………I found the answer  due to my wife, who has her whole family being a strict follower of BAPS, I came in touch with the BAPS saints and activities. I studied many books,scriptures,histories on Shriji Maharaj( Sahjanand Swami), Saint-inheritance, Acharyas…and….change…begun to punch on my heart..my mind..and day by day, I became the follower of “swaminarayana” sect. Today, i proudly follows all basic rules of sect… like..
daily morning Pooja
– tilak and kum-kum red bindis
– “tulsi” mala or Kanthi..in neck
– Stay away from all addictions like junk food, tobacco, alcohol,meat,eggs, Onions and even garlic
– No theft/bribe of any kind, no adultery, no lies( very difficult to follow), no-violence

…….in my day to day life. Even, today, i follow the “fast” on Ekadashies and other festivals. Also follow the restrictions on some food articles, in Chaturmas..from Ashadha to Aso month( 4 months from July to October). People, who know me from years, can’t easily believe the changes, now appeared in my life!!!!!!!
And proudly, I accept the fact, that, this all become possible, only due to blessings from Pramukh Swami and saints of BAPS. today, BAPS is doing the greatest job by educating,inspiring thousands of  persons like NRIs, children around the globe to live the “pure” life with discipline, better character, better thoughts, better acts……and finally lead them to attach themselves with almighty….
I prey ,thousand times, in “charans” (feet) of P.P. Pramukh swami…Shriji maharaj..that..whole world become the true”followers” of highest vaules for better life…for better world..better planet……Jay Swaminarayan…

P.P.Pramukh swami maharaj with Shri hari

P.P.Pramukh swami maharaj with Shri hari

love for all



2 thoughts on “Shri Pramukh swami in Ahmedabad..

  1. jai sri swaminarayan, may godand all divine saints bless all and make all free of anger, ego, selfishness, hatred, negative thinking and think good of all, be good ,do good to all even to those who do bad for us so if u -sir raj can help me pl pray for me so i can overcome anger,ego,pride-abhiman, i am something, etc bad elements from me as i see the diviness in u so pray u to pray for me to lord swaminarayan,and guruji yaa pl help
    thanks jai sri swaminarayan

  2. send me price detail of tulsi

    Where can I get in kolkata ??
    AK Jain

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