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Hotel-Royal Palms,Goregaon


Yes..I was at the Mumbai, few days back . We had a meeting in Hotel Royal Palms, Goregaon. This hotel is located in the huge, single owner- ed( if I am not making mistake) ,200+ acre, sprawling property  consisting of towers,villas,golf course ,swimming pools,hills etc, and claim to be the 5 star hotel anyway……but right now,’am sharing my experiences with the hotel……so put your spectacles on…widen your eyes if they are already open….put your brain to this review..and…and…enjoy it…….also see some snaps….

only shows..nothing else..

only shows..nothing else..

darkness under light..but show is eye catching..

darkness under light..but show is eye catching..

huge chandelier looming on glass finished table

huge chandelier looming on glass finished table

Review- ……..

The premises is much bigger with almost all facilities like, swimming pol, spa,bar,conference halls,suites etc…but lacking  one of the biggest services…..that is “service”..guest services…..it is one of the worst services in my life I have seen till the date. So, why I am so irritated, that, I am openly criticising this hotel?????……

Let’s start……with an instance…..

  • the reception, house keeping, room services are worst…we ordered a bottle of water from the services at 9 pm and you know…..after 11 calls..repeating 11 calls to reception, room services, house keeping..we got it at 9am……great!!!!!!!
  • the hotel rooms are to be locked/opened with smart cards….due to mistake by  my colleague, we forgot our card in room and room locked, when we got outside to talk somebody…..we called the reception,house keeping repeatedly from another room..but..we did not get any kind of  response for whopping 2 hours…finally we decided to try another rooms’ cards just for trial and error game….and we succeeded un fortunately…..why?

  1. Un fortunately because….another room’s card worked at our room’s lock….means..very big problem with the security system of the hotel…you have nothing but to depends on god to save your personals from theft…
  2. too poor..worst services..even in emergencies like your guest standing outside his room..in night ware till 2 hours..in irritating  mood…
  • and last about food…….it could be a worst experience for pure veg guys like me….they even don’t have the common sense to put big tag explaining veg/non veg items..to put them on different table..away from each other…but who can explain them!!!!!

….if you are in service industry and you don’t know the meaning of service..then it does not meant to stay in this field any more!!!!!!

I want to request each reader..please ..please…don’t go to any hotel with poorest services…otherwise your joy to be refreshed..will be…at its nadir…crashed…crappy….level…….be sure…..




2 thoughts on “Hotel-Royal Palms,Goregaon

  1. Noted about Royal Palm. Service is main thing in hotel/food industry – you can be ok if food is okay, but service is must!

    Generally, non-veg hotel people are non-sense and we can’t expect – I had similar experiences everywhere – Mumbai/Bangalore/Delhi. I am used to with it and can eat veg while someone is eating non-veg besides me.

  2. Hi brother,
    About service of veg. & non veg. food no body can know better than me…I am facing problem here also If I am going any where out like Mcdonald /pizz hut/subway/burger king etc.
    Before giving order I have to explain about my requirement and we can’t order anything which we dont know…otherwise forget you are no-vegi person…
    But you cant complain brother as you are marketing person…
    I am reaching AHD on 20th morning for 2 weeks staying.
    See you soon.

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