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“Vahalu lage Swaminarayan nam”

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Again, I was at Shahibag swaminarayan temple to attend the prayer with  his Holiness P.P.Pramukh swami maharaj, in early morning. i have chance to see the Pramukh swami maharaj from distance of 8-10ft and you won’t believe….I was…I was..completely enchanted with his so-near presence. As a layman, i often think..that..what is there in Pramukh swami that attract millions of people of all ages to him…?  ..he is not a good orator..he does not know Hindi fully..and English..forget of it….!!!!! not a charismatic face either if you deduct the “brahma tej” ( eternal spiritual glory..)!!!! not having billions of rupees in his personal account or he is not so much intellectual person in lay man’s term!!!!!!!

So, what is there in pramukh swami, that makes, millions of people around globe to wait for him for hours…..walking miles to “please” him and have blessings…..!!!!! it’s amazing…….take for an instance..Delhi Akshardham is constructed in most amazing …5 years only( from plan to actual build) and at the gigantic cost of 200 crs. ( 400 MUSD)of rupees..and all are from..purely…. a charity only…..!!!!! try for yourself..and go to people..ask them to give you just 2000 Rs. to build a room or anything else for No-profit..no benefit term…….!!!!!! you will find the complexity of matters.

Here many devotees are there, who have donated their all earnings of life..property..family…only son with bright career option to P.P. Pramukh swami maharaj..!!!!! It is not the matter of comparision..but the matter of highest level of values in life….what make you to give everything for a noble cause..for a god………for youself….like in Jain dharma..a “diksha” makes the person taking it, to donate everything to others/temples….It is all about taking your mind and “indriyas” from earthly things and make it to attached to god all time.each time…..

In 1907, Shashtriji Maharaj, left the Laxmi narayan Gadi..Vadtal with just 5 saints over dispute over Akshar purushottam principle and he begun the work to establish BAPS , without looking at his body,health, time and money…Yogiji maharaj  done the same and BAPS reached to South Africa and UK..and Yogibapa took the oath/wish of creating 1000 saints and 700 temples of swaminarayan in globe and told that, this would be satisfied by Pramukh swami maharaj in future…….now look at the present condition…..more than 1000 saints and more than 720 temples in 45 different countries with 9000 centers for spiritual message and services…..that’s due to bless from God, Muktas, saints and devotion of millions of Haribhaktas around the globe….

The truth remains the truth..even we believe or not..We will feel the presence of God every where..till we find a single..baby smiling….a hand extended to help others….a sweet word spoken from anybody to motivate others to do better for all….a finger rises to nail evils down and to make them run for saving its existance…..

devotees waiting for having one"darshan"of Pramukh swami-6:30am

devotees waiting for having one"darshan"of Pramukh swami-6:30am

Devotees taking the part in open morning Prayer with Pramukh swami

Devotees taking the part in open morning Prayer with Pramukh swami

so, without knowing the great-ness and “facts”, eternity of  holimen, saints or god..you will never be able to have true “guru” who can direct you in difficult terrain of life and sansara….

be with good things…be with god….



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