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Haryana’s own laws

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I am very sad today. I usually prefer to read newspapers early in the morning,in bed..but today, when I read, Times of India and one article- Medieval justice,50km from Delhi” published in it, i gt depressed about the present status of India,its culture, the status of women in it…..and feel so much sorry that, I prefer not to call myself an Indian!!!!!!! You can understand my feelings…..

As, the article says…Haryana, U.P.  has the parallel constitution run by local Gram-Panchayats or KHAPs( in which 10-12 villages are coming to gather and so called elder and influential people from those coming to gather and form committee that decide the “fate” of all relations,status of people( read women) living in those villages. They even declare all boys and girls,who are unmarried, as brothers and sisters, monotonously without understanding the needs,suggestions,rights of their!!!!!!!   and if any of them fall in love with same”gotra”‘s partner..then the life for both partner become hell to them as the KHAP openly orders the execution of “honor killings”, ‘gang rape” , “banished whole family”………….!!!!! and if marriage happens,then the groom or bride or both can be killed anytime by villagers!!!!!!  and what laws or Indian constitution do???? nothing…….nothing…..the police force or any security agency, is not able to enter that village…even government gets bow down itself in front of this panchayats…!!!!!! Take example of ravinder and Shilpa of Jhajjar, Haryana….they were in love and married legally to each other but the local KHAPS declared them as traitors to their “law” as they belong to same “gotra”/community and banished their whole family from village. Ravinder moved to court to get custody of his wife, absconded by her family after marriage with Ravinder..he got custody and police protection to get back her wife….but unfortunately, when, he went to Shilpa’s village, the villagers, ordered by KHAP, killed him and beat the policemen with him!!!!!!!! what a tragic end of love????

A snap( courtesy Reuters india) showing  murdered Sunita a  21-year-old, 22-week pregnant.


Another snap from Reuter-India…A love-ended brutally …at Haryana…( sorry for tragic scene..but..fact is fact……we have to face it…)

One Mr. Mahendrasingh Tikait,the “great”!!!!!leader of KHAP , openly says that..”we live by “moral”code ,where honor has to be protected at any cost”!!!! which kind of honor preservation is this??????? also he quotes that” villagers have full rights to protect their “maryada”….and “love marriages are dirty….only whores can choose their partners”!!!!!! so, all women who select their own partners are “whores”!!!!!! what are you telling Mr. Mahendrasingh?????? shame on you…your fundas….your customs where woman is just an object….is just a slave….is just a kept…….!!!!!!!! Every year,hundreds of daughters killed by their own relatives, and buried silently…on the name of “honor”!!!!! No laws..no actions….no explanations!!!! Mr. Chidambaram..are you listening?

I think and hope that,the  Indian government will certainly take this KHAPs very seriously and take much..much..stricter actions against them to protect the murders of humanity on name of honor……KHAPs are a second “taliban” of India..they have’nt right to decide the fate  and right-wrong for other people. The Women and political parties acting at Haryana, U.P. should focus on that, without any bias towards vote bank. India is a democratic country and each citizen has right for  freedom of expression, speech and write..and women has much more rights besides this….they are the equal partner of everything, to keep us going…growing and surviving…….

May god give better thinking to all KHAP leaders….



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