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AMA( Ahmedabad management association) is said to be the “vyaspitha” of the management activities ,being organized in Ahmedabad. It every year, going to orgnize, many motivational lectures by renowned saints,experts on philanthropy and humanity. Last year it was on “lord ganesh” and  human behaviour patterns connected with lord’s body parts.

As, I previously said, I am always, be a proud enough, by counting my self as one of the millions of Swaminarayan devotees around the globe. The spoke person from the BAPS, P.P. Brahmavihari Swami, was invited last year, and this year by Mr. Mukesh Patel,on behalf of AMA organizers to deliver a lecture on” management of relatios”…………so, one basic question….what is the relation?….as the view from Brahmavihari swami..it is the most complex thing to define….to understand…to experience…to maintain….to fulfill….so, it is the kind of feeling that begin the channel of deals involving self..or selfless behaviour to influence somebody/other………

But this may be incomplete definition and you are free to position it according to your understanding t!!!! okey..okey..so, what P.P. Brhmavihari swami told in his most appreciated lecture in the season? I will enlist the points as I can recollect it….

  • too less or too much closeness of relations can kill it actually, so relations require enough space to”breath”
  • relations can be manipulative( that arises due to fear,greed,lust),need based, like based,self-less ( higest eternal level of relation..like between mother and baby)
  • The first and last condition to keep relations survivedin ..Give..Forgive…believe…live….
  • You can not reach to top by just  putting your feet on others’ shoulders and not allowing them to have equal opportunity to climb up….,and  if  love is not the factor to do/allow so. or .even if you do so without love then..it is nearly impossible to stay at top , longer…
  • You are who, only, decide the fate of relations…if you mean realtion for just “self” then..your relations are just a” selfish” and yield nothing
  • Be equal to your partners with equal knowledge, be mentor to deprived one, be fellow to superior one, be sympathetic to all….even the biggest chain is made of hundreds/thousands of tiny,individual loops…..
  • Self-less ness is the most  important factor to create, grow,maintain a successful relation, so be self-less person who has love and sympathy for all and always ready to hold the hand in need for help, support,guidance……..

Example of  relations..with enough space  to “breath’….

As, Japan is one of the country in world with measurable level of divorce cases, one of the company,researched for the cause of it and got the conclusion that, increased level of divorce was  due to poor time alloted to each other by spouses. So, it came with the idea of sea-journey,where the couples allowed to have maximum privacy with each other….but when actually, the project started and results obtained after 2-3 months, everybody amazed!!!!!!!the divorce rate increased by significant margin in comparision to previous one!!!!! and the reason..that..the copules allowed to have maximum time for each other, and too much close ness , made couples to be involved in finding the negative points in each other..that resulted in increased divorce rate!!!!!!!!

So, what is the conclusion—– read first few points and also let your spouse to read it……..!!!!!!

Some snaps…..

P.P. Brahmavihari Swami at AMA

P.P. Brahmavihari Swami at AMA

"managing relations" by Brahmavihari swami

"managing relations" by Brahmavihari swami

so self less love to all……



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