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Babri Masjid..

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Today, I have heard about Liberhan commission’s report on Babri Masjid demolition incident. Babri Masjid was demolished by the mob /people demanding for the shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple over there.

what I believe that, the religion in India become the great political tool. Everybody, who want to achieve the political mileage is just going for the play..based on people’s feelings, religions,languages,gender,caste,sub caste…and so on…..!!!!!I am proud to be a “swayam sevak” of RSS in India and on behalf of it, spent many moments to help needy people in natural calamities without considering their religion or caste. RSS is there in that sense and it is truly a helping hand /volunteer in country’s development socially. Babri Masjid as many muslim scholar believe that, it was not a masjid at all, any more as it was mere a ruin , remained as a ruin since centuries unattended, unpreyed. So, the Hindu demolished the ruin,not the shrine!!!!! so what a need for religion fuss over that? If muslims become little bit liberal, and on their own give that land to Hindus to build Ram Mandir, then all political parties will not get any their political mileage come true!!!!!and the fraternity between the religion will increase. My muslim brothers think on it!!!!

But,now the situation is changing for us also, and even Hindus think that, the Ram Mandir can be built anywhere in Ayodhya, at any good landscape ,on river bank of Sarayu.God is important,temple is important,place is important but not the controversy!!!

Liberhan report is leaked by somebody and the ghost of Babri demolition waked up again to benefit….just to political parties…so just don’t focus on that and just do your job to add in growth of country..we have may things to do…many mile to go….

Congress and media should focus on Shivsena and MNS-Raj Thakre  sponsored “terrorism” based on language and region. Mumbai is not the ancestral property of Mr.Bal Thakre or Mr.Raj Thakre!!! You can not fool marathi manush with such third class ideas. We as an Indian can go any where in India and speak,write in any language without any fear. Mr.Raj you are the real threat to Indian constitution than any other factor!!!

love to all..



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