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Happy birthday..P.P.Pramukh swami


25th Nov is important for everybody as it is the birthday of P.P. Pramukh swami maharaj of BAPS and of P.P. Sadhu Vaswani. P.P. Pramukh swami is the 5th spiritual successor of the great swaminarayan sect , established by lord Swaminarayan, around 200 years ago, in Gujarat.  When the Shastriji Maharaj departed from Vadtal Gadi sansthan of Swaminarayan dev sthanam in 1907, he visualized the Akshar Purushottam principle to rule the universe. And the journey begun with the bang!!!!! by establishing Bochasan temple, Shastriji maharaj, found the largest path to show the true way to reach the almighty and to get the salvation from the earthly things.

And other thing after, Akshar Purushottam temple, he gave the world, the biggest gift..spiritual gift…P.P.Pramukh swami maharaj…and by the bless from P.P. Yogiji maharaj and organizational skills of Pramukh swami, today BAPS is the largest and front leading part of Swaminarayan sect with more than 800 temples, 2 Akshardhams, more than 800 saints and millions of volunteers around the globe. P.P. Yogiji maharaj once said that, Pramukh swami will lead the BAPS to the highest level ever imagined and will change the ways people live!!!!! now that’s true….today, millions of people around the globe follow the strict “vaishanv” rules irrespective of their age/education/gender/economic status……!!!! and those are the ways…different ways…which have created the positive waves to live the good,spiritual life……………………..

P.P. Shastriji maharaj,Yogi bapa,Pramukh swami bapa

So, I prey the god for ever wellbeing of Pramukh swami maharaj and to inspire many millions more towards the God…

Happy birthday bapa…..

Jay swaminarayan…..



2 thoughts on “Happy birthday..P.P.Pramukh swami

  1. Jai swaminarayan bapa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

  2. Who is the fourth person in the picture

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