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Usually when the week ends arrives, everybody get happy,but on week ends what actually happens?….if you ask me and specifically  persons like me…then you will find the reality…that bites…harshly bites…..Even though, I am working in MNC and US based company, don’t have the luxury of Saturday offs and sometimes Sundays are also busy…too much busy. When we have a holiday on Sunday, we use to plan many things but they meet their destinations seldom, due to getting pending tasks done!! So Sundays, are not always meeting with fun and relax time.

So, what could be done to get maximum out of Sunday? I have tried to enlist some things as follows…..

  1. plan in advance ..for quality time to gather with your owns..you must have at least one day for your owns…
  2. Sundays come only once in 7 days, so plan well in advance to fetch maximum out of that by planning a long ride,eating out or spend some quality and peaceful time at distant place
  3. or you think otherwise to spend Sunday by making yourself busy by doing exercise in the morning, a slow walk in avenues with a dog if possible, few moments in the home -garden etc……or may be you can go to temple as I do…..

But, plan well to balance the life with Sunday…..and future will allot enough time for our owns while working with the help of extended and live contacts/communication…SOHO concept …..

so enjoy yourself……



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