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Yaaaaaaah, I was at Pune couple of days back. When I went to Pune, my closet ones had cautioned me about the pros of Pune- The Swine flu issues and I went with lots of thoughts on that, and invisible but persistant fear of something …..what to take care of? where to stay?….but once I was there, ‘ was amazed by its progress and cleanliness. I have seen many cities,big cities of India and as far as I have seen in Pune, I feel, Pune is the cleanest city in India!!!!!! long and wide roads with zero dumps;pot holes,well organized town planning( I am talking about west Pune),software and hardware complexes,biggy-wiggy offices with huge black glass shields hiding the sweat facts……..

But,truly, Pune is a good city to live,study or for Job but for that you need your pockets heavier as it is one of the costliest city of India. Better things come but at a prize!!!!!

I have tasted “Chaitanya’s Parothas( for me Jain Parothas!!!) and they are one of the best,most delicious I have ever tasted in that category….also at reasonable bucks…..I also tasted Mitha Pan( Maghai and Banarasi) at Shaukeen ….so dissolving experience was that!!!!! and so many varieties of Pan…Uhhhhh!!!! my wife,if she read this then,certainly,may  feel herself  jealous enough, as she also like Mitha and cold pan!!! here some photos for you……Shaukeen Pan is truly a devotees to “pan” …look benefits of this “beetle nut leave”….

Be a lover..lover for Pan

Kastha-kala -Heritage of Pune

I also enjoyed Chitale’s Bhakarwadi,Amba barfi,Sutarfeni but found that Amba barfi is too much sweet…..no problem…my dad will like it!!!!!

So enjoy the life like kingsize….and don’t be afraid….of swine flu. I got cold and cough there but, I am confident enough about that…is not a swine flu….if it is that, then I have ability to fight with swine…bloody swine flu!!!!

stay with me but keep your hand at bay…swine flu is mostly spread by hands..touch…shake hands….



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