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Tragedy strucks to heart……..!!!!

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On late night of Saturday,on 19th December,2009..the life of Gopi,was changed from “good” to “worst” one…Her younger brother Ghanshyam died tragically in a car accident at Himmatnagar around 12’o clock in midnight!!!!!

( go to link—- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/rajkot/Four-polytechnic-students-die-in-car-crash/articleshow/5359812.cms)

And Ghanshyam was the only son of my maternal uncle in-law’s. If you listen to the tragedy that is related with destiny of this family,then you will start to believe in destiny/curse/re-incarnation etc.

My in-law uncle name was Bhupendrabhai Suthar,resided at Nanawada, Malpur in Sabarkantha,Gujarat. He killed himself few years back when Ghanshyam,Gopi was too young. Afterwards, my aunt in law handled the circumstances with great courage and the family, now started to live a happy and prosperous life together. But on one bad day, my aunt died horribly in a Jeep-truck accident and left this 2 children orphaned on their destiny….and Ghanshyam, as you heard,died in a car accident on wee hours of Sunday…..!!!!!!!
Now,you will be amazed by the fact that, the father of my aunt in law also died un-naturally in an accident many years back!!!!!!!!
……………………….So,what is a co-incidence? is it a simple and straight thing? I don’t believe that….3 out of 4 in a family died tragically, is not just an accident…it can be curse…believe it or not….it is a truth, and I believe it……

May god rests,Ghanshyam’s soul in heaven and give Gopi a courage enough to fight this curse….!!!



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