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AMC’s ward inspector and me..!!!!

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On Sunday, one interesting incident happened. One person named Pinakinbhai( I have doubt about name..) with loose carry bag and lots of paper stuff arrived at our home and told that. he was from AMC. Actually I had given the application for the name change of ownership for my home for municipal taxes and so. He told me that, he had done something extra for me and brought a copy of the name change for me and asked shamelessly for bribe( Rs.100..) from me…!!! I was amazed to see his daring to ask for the bribe openly from me. I had asked him” why are you asking for the extra money?..this is your duty after all  ..” ……………..he shamelessly answered..” ‘am coming from Maninagar..and that is on Sunday..and AMC is not paying for this..!!!” Now,the question is..what there is a need for anybody to work on Sunday ? and if you voluntarily working for the cause…then why to ask for bribe?….But to come and “serve” on Sunday is the modus operandi  for such corrupt people to get bribes from us..
I and my neighbor denied it calmly and that guy threatened us with future unexpected consequences!!!! we asked his name,I card but this guy just ran away with all papers…!!!!
Great job…Ahmedabad Municipal corporation..for keeping such a loose guy!!!! Now,we are awaiting for the “unwanted consequences”….yeahhh!! we are ready for that..and we have now decide to let ourselves never bow down for such favors..bribes..corruption.. !!!! If we  decide as a responsible citizens of India, we can hit this monster of corruption out from our”home” called India….But you have need to try…just to try for that…..even longest journey begin with a single small step!!!! and that is yours…..

Be with us…..



One thought on “AMC’s ward inspector and me..!!!!

  1. Hi Brother,
    Really…it happen I cant believe this…what paper he took with him our application or some new paper..??? for wt he asking money…?? any mistake in application or wrongthings???
    keep update me on that by email.

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