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Pakistan,Al-Quida,Nukes and USA

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Yesterday, there was a news published in the prestigious daily of London,that the nuke power of Pakistan can be in hand of Taliban or Al-Quida very soon as there is a much volatile situation in Pakistan……so this is the news for whom?  Of course for the whole world,it is the matter of concern and it is of prime importance for US authority,who is donating billions of dollars to Pakistani authority to help them to counter Taliban,Osama and Al-Quida terrorists at Pak-Afghan border .

I trust on this news by London daily and Indian government is equally concern on this. Now, US is preparing for the emergency crack team to take over all the nukes in case of any political instability in Pakistan. But this grave danger on the world can be prevented much before,if US did not support the Taliban and Pakistan to grow on terrorism front. Still US is giving nuclear capable missiles, planes( F-16) to Pakistan to counter terrorism!!!!! Now, how nuclear capable F-16 is helping Pakistan to fight terrorism? instead Pakistan using this against India !!!! Thus US is going to be back fired in its foreign policy in near future and world will see the devastating situation anytime……………………………..!!!!!

Following cartoon is the extract of US policy and birth of Taliban/Al-Quida…..

Genie Osama is the by product of US foreign policy to rule the world

God please save the world from such  political blunders….



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