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Winter at end and beginning of morning walk..

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It is just like looking back at my resolutions in the beginning of winter,this year. Nikunj,Nareshbhai and me have decided to walk,every early morning of the whole winter to make body and mind into shape. But Nareshbhai moved to Canada, Nikunj got busy in sales life and me downed against my will due to this all and little bit my laziness or negligence towards health.
But one thing I kept going is evening walk..a long walk.And few days back, I held my mind to strength and took a “harsh”decision of morning walk…and the show begun at the end of winter…better late than never!!!!!!! But,you wont trust me that,morning walk has many benefits….
1. a pleasant chance to listen soft,sweet and spiritual mantra-chantings,devotional songs on FM
2. Rise up early means, you can cop up with your busy schedule well without any hassles
3. walking early with other co-walkers means development of new relations..a fresh one,sharing of ideas,thoughts and new tips to reduce fats
4. The dear wife is also be in good mood as you are co operating with her day long home or job activities
5, You are inspiring others to follow you, your ideas of morning walk..and if you really get yourself with burnt fat due to walking then,you can proudly set an example of a fitness conscious person in your circle and may advice others…..
6. And last….you can dare to write such a post,even though you are not so serious about keeping ” morning walk” journey alive…

So, enjoy the life as it comes…..



One thought on “Winter at end and beginning of morning walk..

  1. Want to take part in 5 Km walk or 8 Km running at 14th Feb? See: http://www.motifinc.com/Charity_Walk_2010.htm and yes, I’ve started Jogging too 😉

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