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Health insurance and doctors…

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Now is the age of insurance and majority of the people have small or a big insurance policy in their pockets as life goes to be uncertain day by day.
Health insurance is a must thing among this and it is indeed a very helpful tool if accepted after lots of studies and understandings. And the another side of it,is a milking cow for the doctors. When anybody going to see the doctors, they often ask the most quoted question” do you have a health insurance?” also they ask about your family and professional back ground to get more info out of that. Once it is confirmed that, you have a health insurance then they going to admit you in the hospital,even though it is avoidable…and finally prepare a fat bill to claim ……
So, what is the benefit to doctor? obviously they are paid by the insurance company,not you and the doc is free to pull more as he can…to reimburse expenses incurred to establish luxury hospital.

so,it is life…and so new ways to earn…but what about the poor one,who can’t afford this and still needs critical care?

who will think of them..in this biz-arena?



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