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Yeah,this is the new word in English but quite known in super naturals and super science….I am quoting this word as it impressed me too much. Think, right now you are here in Ahmedabad and in next second you are seating in San Fransisco!!!!! It is just like a Harry Porter tale….and today,I have seen movie ” Jumper” and a “watchman” . Both movies are on sci-fi kinds and too much impressive with new thoughts,sciences and excellent photo-computography…..please do watch these movies to understand the meaning of being “teleported”

So , teleportation is the state of mind and body. Right now, you can travel your mind to every nook and corner of universe in a fraction of second but if by doing something with your body..you can transform your body into “channelized” molecules those can travel at the speed of light and at “landing” destination these “smart” and “channelized” molecules those can attached together and form a same human being there!!!!!!! that’s miracle..and teleportation….

Is it possible….may be possible in next 50-100 years..who can imagine?

wait and watch for miracles…as life is itself a miracle..isn’t it?



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