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Holi- The festival of colors….

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Yeah…the festival of love,affection,romance, heart is about to come..in fact it is at your doorstep and ringing the “doorbell”!!!! Go,get up and open the barriers to welcome the colors of life…..

I always thinking that,if there were no holidays and festivals in our life,then what would happen? It might be so called life…but it might not be the life…any more…I can recollect my childhood memories of Holi. I was ,always a mischievous boy and obviously first to start the Holi festival in our street by coloring  Chndukaka with “kesudo( Palash in Hindi/Sanskrit) water and make him “saffron” !!! all day,we used to shuttle frm one street to another an colored the close and “far” one ,with or without their consent ;so much fun,we had….!!! I still miss it as now a days in our village and in our society people are loosing the interest as colors become toxic, suffocating and allergic…Kesudo color  can be available at Manek chowk ,ahmedabad.

so just keep it in mind…while you enjoy the festival of life…” fuldol or Pushpodolotsav’ as known in our swaminarayan sect…

  • use colors which are organic,easy to wash,allergy free and non toxic
  • keep low fat but little bit spicy food in your menu on Holi
  • keep yourself away from “bhang” or Cannabis as it may send you in hospital for days…
  • Do not play a holi with un-known people as it may cause problem for you

So,be free,make other people free and enjoy Holi with all love and joy…as “time and tide wait for none”….!!!!

Fuldol with Shriji Maharaj...

Kesudo..Palash..flame of forest...Buteda frondosa

Colors of life...Vrindavan

(courtesy- Dig.journalist_Google image)

We are thinking to go for Sarangpur this holi for “fuldolotsav” celebrated by Pramukh swami maharaj.And thousands of devotees will be there on that day…let see..chances are 50:50…it’s life…



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