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Hmmmm..Holi  is over and the life is on routine track from today.I was at my home town Bhiloda, a small town located 120 km away from Ahmedabad. The two days were very good for me but I was missing Rina as she went to her mom’s home for some social causes. On First day of Holika dahan, We all made round trips “rotation” around the holy-fire with pop corn,water pot and coconut to offer them to Holy fire. This is the best trend as we are showing our selfless ness by offering things of our livelihood to mother fire and welcome the new season of the crop. Also the tribal experts and veteran people of village predict the “strength” of monsoon in coming year on the basis of flame direction!!! is’t it an interesting affair? It is…

"The Holy Fire"

"People are rotating around the Holy fire"

2nd day is the “dhuleti” or ” festivals of colors” . People come to your home and color each other on eve of welcoming the new seasons..new hopes…new deeds..!!! I was colored black,red and silver by my handful of relatives and the colors were so much “sticky”  that, with an hours of irritating efforts and gallons of water and soap,it was removed but not fully!!!! But the joy, still I can feel in my breath and touch….!!!

Holi is Holi and the life  will be a “mess” without it…..



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