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Happy birthday …

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Today, was the important day for me and my dear wife..it was her birthday…!!! Few years back, my in-laws brought a baby girl in the world..just for me…and that’s it….( I am happily ” paying” for that )!!!!! In the morning , to my surprise, she said “no” for any outing today,but as the day passed, her thought process changed as happened phenomenally with every woman… and finally she agreed to come out with me. After my work, I took her to the Shahibag temple to thank the almighty for each and every moment of life and the coming moments as well. We also took part in the “sandhya aarti” …I was so happy with the ambiance at that time!!!!!

In the night, we went to Honest restaurant for dinner. The Ahmedabad is famous for its eateries….and Honest was and is famous for its Pav-bhaji…but today, we did not find the same quality as usual…so sad..Honest is not “honest” anymore..!!! we also moved to Havmor icecream… it was really a nice one  and enjoyed it a lot…we loved its taste and “spoons”…..look at the photo…..

"Ice cream spoons- ergonomically sound enough.."

Finally, we had a taste of great and famous “Asharfi” natural matka kulfi….nice in taste but I did not like so …any way but it has  so many varieties without a trace of custard powder that you can have it’s delicacy on fast-day also….

So, as a day, my wife was so happy and what should I expect beyond that?  Even a fraction of smiling hour can satisfy us……

And that is a day…a life…a wife …a joy….and a story….



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