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Hero Honda Pleasure..Not so Pleasure…!!!

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My wife has her own two wheeler-the one and only..Hero Honda Pleasure. It belongs to the family of “gear less, light weight,fancy looking, feminine two-wheeler” and manufactured by one of most appreciated auto company -Hero Honda. When we purchased it, we were so much happy but once we started using it…the pleasure ride became the “bumpy” one as you know the suspension are not so good in such vehicle as they are meant for smooth roads of the city.
The second problem as usual with all gear-less vehicle–is the fuel economy…not so appreciable with H.H.Pleasure too. Though, the vehicle is smooth to ride and easy to control,the journey of our problems continues…with its battery ..as it expired before its age( but we were responsible for this cause..accept it…. as the vehicle had been kept parked/ idle for long at our home..and it ruined its battery life)…and today I faced one of the biggest problem with it…
My in laws broke its clutch-cum-break wire and I took Pleasure to the authorized service station, and in my surprise, the service manager told me that,they didn’t have even such a common spare parts for this model i.e. Pleasure!!!! I was shocked…if company hasn’t proper sales-after services or maintenance system,then what the hell there is a need for selling such a vehicle in market? After my an hour long search, I got one local garage and he readied to repair my vehicle. But this funky/fancy vehicle has so much manufacturing “dilemma” that,the garage guys got tired in opening the outer body of the vehicle to just change the damn simple clutch wire!!!!! so many holders,so many screw points, so many clips to hold a body together!!! why this company doesn’t try to make a simpler machine to maintain…!!???? why they stuck themselves in this complicated fittings..?????

I still thinking about the stupidity of the Hero Honda pleasure designer…they have created a mess of technology rather than creating a nice,pleasant and simple machine to be handled even by a lady!!!!

Think on it…I think bikes are too easy to maintain…



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