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So..Hardik flew to Canada..

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So,finally that moment again arrived after a couple of months break,for Hardik. It was not a surprise, as Hardik had lived in Europe for many years and now he was going to Canada.
How is the situation in Canada? I really don’t know but many of my friends living there and according to them, it’s quite cool!!!!We left for Ahmedabad airport around 1800 and the flight was at 2125.So early….because we have very “notable” experience from Air India services in the past…and not this time again baby!!! I am still not satisfied with the international airport ( so called but nothing is of international quality or standard….trust me!!) and why, the AOI ( Airport Authority of India) is so much “dumb” about the Ahmedabad airport ? Domestic is good but the international terminal is pathetic…..very pathetic…!! Imagine, if you go to airport and you don’t have even basic facilities to sit, toilets….then what to say? The private taxiwallahs and rickshaw wallahs are just like a nuisance there to loot the passengers, who are new to the city…they bargain like “fish vendors” and their gestures/languages are so blunt that, you may find your self ashamed by dealing with them…!!!!and poor airport authority is watching “ helplessly or blindly” all this drama!!!!
By the way, it is a great Indian dream to hope for ever…endlessly for having something better…of really an international standards…!! Hardik will find it at Heathrow or at Toronto airport in his journey. Hope for well…..!!! ..

Love for all…(hate for none ???)

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