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The country of Paradox- India

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Today, I have seen one news on the net…It was the report from UNESCO, which was showing the life-conditions of the people in different countries..different worlds…in developed,developing and under developing countries. So, the matter is..where our great country India falls?…take a deep breath and say ” I am proud to be an Indian” !!!! as it shows one fact…if we count one mobile per person than around 50% ( 54.5 crore) people have mobile phones and just 30% or less are having the well structured toilets…so what does it mean to us?
1. It means, we are on the fast track for the growth..we are one of the fast growing and modernizing country in the world with adaptability to better communication facilities…
2. We are at no where…we are growing in communication but we are at still condition, the food, hygiene and basic facilities are still a dream for the majority of us…70% or more of the population still go for excretion in open area!!!!!!!
so, what to say?….India is always being a mystery for outsiders…and will continue to be so..till we get awakened to know ourselves,till we understand our responsibilities…and act..
We are in paradox age but not confused…we can do….yes we can…the change is evident…it’s coming!!! we will have our own “organic growth”..
So, begin from yourself…
Hoping best for all….


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