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BSNL….a rapidly suiciding Inc.?

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My all family members and relatives, I have BSNL connections for mobiles,landlines and net. The main reason to keep BSNL is just- its reach to interiors, cheaper schemes for usage and the biggest one….no option available for some services i.e. Landlines!!!
But since last few weeks,everybody experiencing the “BSNL” effect..and since last two days,my BSNL mobile and its irresponsible services make me totally isolated from others….I made calls to its customer service, more than 10 times in last two days, and they are keep telling that, BSNL was upgrading its services and within few??? hours it would be back!!!! but as expected it did not happen till the time!!!

so...definition of BSNL effect is….” you have your latest mobile instrument, have full balance,no dues, you are standing near or just below the mobile tower,your mobile showing full signal strength…though…though you are not able to use your mobile/its services due to its “no network access”!!!!!!! that is the great BSNL effect…
So, I think you have enough reasons for not to purchase BSNL services anymore..BSNL is having all infrastructure and capacities, but due to its own employees, poor and irresponsible services…it is rapidly growing as a ” suiciding company”…look at its financial charts from last 2-3 years..you will have all the answers.

I prey god to give BSNL’s soul in deep peace and rest….in interest for the customers,who still believe in the value for their money…

till then keep trying for network…


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