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Monsoon in Maharastra…

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‘am in Kolhapur and the rain god is showering its bliss since last night…..a bliss…for life …for survival….!!! The Maharastra as a state , has good weather record as a whole ,except few parts of it..but in this state the rain has its own charm….!! Maharastra leads us to the border of southern states and the plantations with southern characteristics, which add the “greenery” to the rain effect.

So, monsoon effect in Maharastra is always there to touch our sensory ligaments, and sometimes floods us to no where….one thing I noted that, the whole state just seems to be awakened with the monsoon standing at the door step. Kanda poha, puri bhaji , kanda wada like local delicacies experiencing a sudden surge in demand as the weather is such….!! Kolhapur itself famous for the highly spicy, chilli-ous  food and ‘am damn sure about the difficulties , going to face in the city as being a Swaminarayan follower , in terms of food….!!!

I prey the god to be kind enough for me in the heavy rainy season in Maharastra….

till then….

good bye….and keep your self ready for the showers…natural showers….



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