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“Entertainment ke liye kuchh bi karega”!!!!

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Right now, the promos are running on TV for the new reality cum adventure show- ” Entertainment ke liye kuchh bhi karega” season-2. One thing I noticed- they are showing the “compulsions of life” in the show….few persons are doing the acts which are very much dangerous…life threatening or suicidal in real sense….just for this “poor hungry stomachs..!!. The stone breaking on chest, fire playing or glass breaking on body….It’s too much yaar!!! what they want to show?…what they want to prove?…where is the entertainment? If the cruelty on self- is known as the entertainment, then…the abuses…insults..suicides..murders…animal cruelty etc..can be a great tool for entertainment…!!

I think, the TV channels must accept- self regulation and morality level…such shows are spreading the wrong messages in the society and may lead many pre-mature people to copy it and to even death..!!

enough is enough……….!! too much yaar…..!!
wake up Indians..!!



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